Advanced HeroQuest Advanced HeroQuest 11/25/2012 It's a 9!...this little trapdoor leads to a F*&^%$# maze! This was the first time I played AHQ. 183934855 11/25/2012 Random dungeon No. 1. 183934854 11/26/2012 183934792 11/26/2012 I like this game 183934793 12/02/2012 183934864 12/30/2012 D&D-GW Replacements: Bloodthirster, Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, Minotaur, Lichemaster, Daemonette, Henchmen, Orcs, Beastmen, Ogres, Troll, etc.. 183934835 12/30/2012 AHQ gaming tools 183934936 12/30/2012 Turn 109C: Heroes are surprised! minis are placed according to the ZOE fix. Itīs GMīs turn.. 183934937 02/01/2014 Stop that rat!...too late :o 204184666 02/01/2014 The Quest Room finally appears...guarded by two Champions and one Warlord! The monsters are surprised, itīs my turn. 204184667 02/02/2014 This is how the 2nd level ended: The team rescuing a Man-At-Arms. Hereīs the precise moment when heīs expressing his appreciation to his rescuers ;) 204184668 02/04/2014 3rd level: The Warlord's Lair 204184669 02/02/2014 Swarming pestilence. 204184670 02/02/2014 Finally! a trap door springs from the magic circle on the floor and the first part of the Shattered Amulet appears. 204184671 02/02/2014 It took me 3 expeditions and exactly 200 turns to complete this quest! 204184672 02/13/2014 Alternate Character Sheet. 204184673 02/13/2014 Example. 204184674 07/05/2015 "Doorway-Exploit" Fix in action. Here the monsters are surprised in a solo game, it's up to the player to enter the room or use the exploit anyway. 204184724 07/05/2015 Fireball! (Slev's V5.0) 204184725 07/05/2015 The flip of the coin: Here the heroes are surprised, they lose their first combat turn so the monsters attack first. This is IMHO how a real ambush actually works. 204184726 07/05/2015 With a little help from my friends 204184728 07/06/2015* Orcs deserve no honor! 204184727 03/08/2016 Barbarians at the gate! 204184729 03/08/2016 Looks like trouble... 204184730 03/23/2016 This one showed up rather quickly...and loaded! 204184731 06/28/2016 Dealing with the undead! 204184732 09/18/2016 Bottleneck fix in action! 204184734 09/18/2016 "Hold the Line!" 204184733 12/26/2016 I hate revolving rooms :( 204184735 12/29/2016 The monsters managed to push through! 204184736 02/01/2014 204184821 02/01/2014 204184822 02/01/2014 204184823 02/01/2014 204184824 02/01/2014 204184827 02/01/2014 More than three AHQ sets on a single container. They all come from incomplete sets and spares purchased online. 204184828 02/01/2014 204184829 02/01/2014 My solitaire gaming station. 204184830 02/02/2014 Storming the Room. Starting position: The Heroes have won the surprise roll so they place the monsters to their liking using the "difference in scores" rule. 204184835 02/02/2014 Warrior and Dwarf attack first, forming a skirmish line. The Warrior is using a Magic Halbeard. 204184834 02/02/2014 My interpretation of the fireball rule: The Elf moves in guarding rear and flanks as the Wizard takes the rear and launches a fireball spell. 204184833 02/02/2014 Final position: the skirmish line safeguards the Wizard and Elf. Next turn they will be able to support the line at long range. 204184832 02/02/2014 Another option: Warrior and Dwarf form a skirmish line without attacking. 204184831 02/04/2014 Another example. 204184836 02/04/2014 204184837 02/04/2014 Stop that rat!...too late :o (zoom out) 204184838 02/04/2014 Almost done! 204184843 02/04/2014 Starting into level 1 of dungeon 2, dealing with some wondering monsters after clearing the first lair room. 204184845 02/04/2014 Some wondering monsters appear while searching for a secret door :s 204184846 02/04/2014 Help's coming! 204184847 02/23/2014 The Tools. 204184848 02/23/2014 The Rules. 204184926 02/23/2014 The Heroes 204184881 02/23/2014 The Character Sheets: KENDAL: Human-Berserker-Fighter-Warrior, DORGAR: Dwarf-Fighter-Knight, ARWEN: Elf-Archer-Marksman, and VALDEMAR: Human-Apprentice-Journeyman-Mage. EDIT: The Weapon Allowances will be on the back next time. 204184882 02/23/2014 The Target: MOGH-RAK - Black Orc Warboss 204184883 02/23/2014 Starting Position. I finally decided to keep this pic, the glow looks cool. 204184884 02/23/2014 First Encounter: Wandering Monster!(Orc Savage)The monster is surprised! 204184885 02/23/2014 First Combat Roll:Hit+4 Wounds. That orc is slain!Gold collected: $56, it goes to the Wizard. 204184886 02/23/2014 More Wandering Monsters! (2 Orc Boys w/Axes+Shields) 204184887 02/23/2014 The Warrior suffers his first wound. Itīs first blood for the heroes! 204184888 02/23/2014 The Warrior is wounded again. Second orc is slain. Gold collected: $56, it goes to the Wizard. 204184889 02/23/2014 Trap! The Dwarf was picked randomly. Itīs an Iron Ball... 204184890 02/26/2014 The dwarf rolls an eight. The trap has been spotted but not disarmed. The Heroes are moved back. They have to perform a Hazard Action (I've assigned a Leap of Faith)in order to pass over. 204184893 02/26/2014 The Warrior rolls a 2, he manages to leap over. 204184894 02/26/2014 The Dwarf was able to leap over the trap...but the Elf isn't that lucky and triggers the trap! A hole appears in the roof at the opposite end of the passage and a huge iron b all drops out. 204184895 02/26/2014 The Wizard rolls a 2, he manages to avoid the ball. (I'm sorry, I didn't have a proper iron ball at hand) 204184896 02/26/2014 The Elf fails again and suffers four wounds. Damn! he is supposed to be the fastest in the group. 204184897 02/26/2014 The Dwarf also fails and suffers two wounds. 204184898 02/26/2014 The Warrior manages to avoid the ball. 204184899 02/26/2014 First door found! 204184891 02/26/2014 Turn 10C:The First Room is Revealed. It's a Lair! (Roll:36=19PV: 1 Black Orc Champion as Specialist, 2 Orc Savages and 4 Orc Boys w/Axes+Shields)The Monsters are surpirsed! It's my turn. 204184892 02/26/2014 Fireball! 204184900 02/26/2014 The fireball killed three orc boys. It's the GM's turn. 204184901 02/26/2014 The Orc Savages move and attack! The Warrior and Dwarf suffer two wounds. 204184902 02/26/2014 Turn 12C: The warrior is KO'd. 204184903 02/26/2014 The Dwarf advances covered by the Elf and engages the Orc Champion. 204184904 02/26/2014 Combat is over, the Elf moves toward the chest and the Wizard heals the Warrior while the Dwarf ransacks the room finding nothing. 204184905 02/26/2014 Just when you thought it's over...the GM rolls a 12=wandering monster! 204184906 02/26/2014 Fortunately, it's just an orc boy. 204184907 02/26/2014 Turn 19E: Combat is over. Monster Loot=$72, it goes to the Wizard. Treasure Chest=1 Warhammer, goes to the Warrior. 204184908 02/27/2014 On their way out, the Warrior stumbled upon another Trap, a Guillotine this time. He failed to spot it so a blade snaps onto his hand threatening to cause two damage dice of injury...fortunately no wound was caused. END OF EXPEDITION 1. 204184909 03/02/2014 Turn 22E: Down to the dungeon again - Expedition Two starts. 204184910 03/02/2014 The Heroes take a different path this time and found a group of wandering monsters. The creatures are surprised so they are placed as far as possible. 204184911 03/02/2014 Kendal closes in and fumbles! Fortunately the orc misses. 204186348 03/02/2014 Unbelievable! Rogar and Arwen also missed! 204186349 03/02/2014 My luck turns around. 204186350 03/02/2014 Turn 32E: After Action Report: Monster Loot=$48 (goes to Valdemar). Wounds Suffered: Warrior=5, Dwarf=1. Arrows Lost=3. The Warrior takes 1 Healing Herbs and recovers 2 wounds. 204186347 03/02/2014 It's a dead end... 204186346 03/02/2014 Itīs a Hazard Room with a Cess Pit. 204184914 03/02/2014 First Large Normal Room I stumble upon. 204184915 03/02/2014 Dorgar opens a door. Valdemar searches the Cupboard and finds nothing. Arwen ransacks the room and finds $19. 204184916 03/02/2014 Turn 37C: Another Lair! (16PV=4 Orc Savages and 2 Orc Boys)This time the Monsters won the surprise roll so the Heroes are ambushed. 204184917 03/02/2014 Turn 38C: Kendal goes Berserk! Arwen is not doing well. 204184918 03/02/2014 Half done, a skirmish line is formed. Arwen and Valdemar support and cover from the rear. 204184919 03/02/2014 Turn 45E: AAR: M. Loot=$84 (to Valdemar). Tr Chest=$225 ($89 to Valdemar and $136 to Dorgar) Scrt Treasure=$9 (to Dorgar). Wounds: K=5, D=3, A=5, V=2. FP: K=1, A=2. H. Herbs: K=2, D=1, A=1. Arrows lost: A=2. Components:R. Drgn Dust=1, Phnix Fthr=2 204184920 03/02/2014 Turn 47C: Another Lair is revealed. (9PV=3 Orc Savages) The Heroes won the surprise roll. Itīs my turn. 204184921 03/03/2014 Fireball! 204184922 03/03/2014 Dorgar The Brave! 204186414 03/03/2014 Turn 50E: AAR: Monster Loot=$84 (to Dorgar). Treasure Chest=$300 ($250 to Arwen and $50 to Kendal) Hidden Treasure=Nothing found. Weapons Rack=Empty. Wounds sustained: Kendal=2, Dorgar=2. Healing Herbs taken: Kendal=2, Dorgar=1, Arwen=1. Arrows lost: Arwen=1. Spell Components used- Valdemar: Drgn Dust=1. 204186413 03/03/2014 The Quest Room has been found!(16PV=4 Orc Savages and 2 Orc Boys+4PV Specialist=1Orc Champion) The Heroes won the surprise roll. Itīs my turn. 204186412 03/03/2014 Fireball! 204186411 03/03/2014 Another Fireball! 204186437 03/03/2014 The orcs have been decimated! It's time to go in. 204186438 03/03/2014 The beginning of the end (Orcs deserve no honor). 204186410 03/03/2014 Almost done! 204186409 03/03/2014 Turn 57E: AAR: Monster Loot=$84 (to Kendal). Treasure Chest=$225 ($91 to Kendal, $21 to Dorgar and $134 left behind.) Hidden Treasure=Nothing found. Wounds sustained: Kendal=1. Arrows lost: Arwen=2. Spell Components used- Valdemar: Drgn Dust=2. 204186408 03/17/2014 Reinforcements coming in! 204186407 03/17/2014 Reference Sheet 204186406 03/17/2014 MOGH-RAK 204186405 204228462 204228464 204228465 204228467 204228469 204228470 204228473 204228474 204228475 204228477 204228479 204228483 204228486 204228488 204228489