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RECIVS' Boardgame Projects

House Rules, Variants & Hacks



9,324 Monsters!

Posted by RECIVS on January 9, 2014 at 1:15 AM

The new Character Generation system is quite simple but turned out to be very flexible and prolific given the varied dice pool mechanic used. Literally thousands of combinations are possible by mixing just four basic attributes: Defense, Attack, Magic Resistance and Life Points.

This new system has been thoroughly described in our previous development update posted more than three months ago. Using the guidelines described there I was able to create a "universe" of 9,324 different combinations (see our Downloads section) from which I picked my 107 candidates for Advanced DR&D 2.0

Since we have thousands of specimens to choose from, there's a lot of room for adjusting and fine-tuning every one of the 107 monsters in the deck. Every one is unique and therefore different from each other. No version of Dungeon! has offered this vast array of monsters.

Could you find a better candidate for any of the 107 proposed monsters? The Monster Cards uploaded recently still require some work and polish. One can come up with their own choices within this "universe", and that´s the beauty of it :)

DR&D Project

DRnD Playtest Package Released!

Posted by RECIVS on September 8, 2013 at 8:55 PM

In order to make life easier for our followers we´ve just uploaded a PDF file with all the DR&D cards.


This file should save considerable time if you want to try DR&D, no more messing with card making software, just print, cut and play!


I remind you that DR&D is still a work in progress, so please free to report any issue you may find, your suggestions will be greatly appreciated as well.

Advanced DRnD is here!

Posted by RECIVS on September 1, 2013 at 7:50 PM

I’m pleased to announce the release of our advanced rules. DR&DAdvancedRulesV1.0 is hereby ready for download!


The game has been substantially transformed:

- New character Abilities and Special Powers: A new system of character customization has been implemented; it´s simple but allows a decent representation of a fantasy setting IMHO. Every team gets ten Fate Points at start, Abilities may be used freely but Special Powers will be available only by trading one Fate Point.

- Completely reworked combat system: Introducing a new “dice-pool” system. I tend to lean towards this type of combat system because it appears IMHO to be fairer, less random and more engaging for the players, besides I like rolling buckets of dice ;)

- New Combat Actions, Non-Combat Actions and Special Actions. Actions like run and prepare attack are added.

- New treasures: Armour may be found as treasure, Elixirs now restore Life Points.


It’s still a work in progress, there´s yet tweaking and testing to be done. A new supplemental version with new Abilities and Special Powers as well as Optional Random Abilities and Weaknesses will hopefully be released later this month. We´re still working on the Project, and expect to focus solely on a few important issues now that this release has been posted.

In order to provide a brief description of our new combat system, below you´ll find a quote from our latest release:


Character Attributes

 The game system allows 4 Character Classes: Warrior, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. While some attributes are class fixed, other may be customized at start, see Appendix 1.


Attack Dice (AD): The number of dice the adventurer rolls every attack roll.


Accuracy (Acc): The result required on every AD to hit a target.


Defense Dice (DD): The number of dice the adventurer rolls every defense roll.


Block (B): The result required on every DD to block a hit on a Defense roll.


Defense Rating (DR): The required result to hit the monster or adventurer. It´s usually represented by two numbers; the first one in parenthesis is the required result on any of the AD to hit; the second is the number of those results the attacker must roll. For example: A target with DR (5) 1 means that the attacker must roll at least one 5 with any of his AD to hit.


Special Action (SA): The result required on the “wild” dice to perform a special action in combat.


Agility (A): Used to determine how hard the adventurer is to ambush or surprise.


Life Points (LP): Number of wounds the adventurer may suffer before dying.


Speed (S): Number of spaces the adventurer may move each turn.


Classes may be customized at setup. Each adventurer has a set of Abilities and Special Powers listed in their Character Cards, see Appendix 5. Abilities may be used as an Action during the adventurer´s activation and Special Powers may only be used by trading Fate Points.



DR&D introduces its own “dice-pool” system to resolve attacks. Combat is resolved by a single (and always one) roll from the attacker and one from the defender, each player will roll a number of dice according to their adventurers´ attributes, abilities and magical ongoing effects. Every adventurer has Attack Dice and Defense Dice ratings on his Character Cards, those represent the base number of dice they roll every time they attack or defend, respectively. The numbers may be increased or decreased during the game.


The Accuracy rating is the result required in every AD to hit. The Block rating represents the result needed on every DD to block a successful hit from an attacker. The Magic Resistance rating is the result needed on every DD to block a hit from a magic attack.


Results of 6 or 1 on any AD are considered critical hits or fumbles, correspondingly. Two Criticals in a single roll inflict double damage for every critical thrown in the roll, two fumbles in the same roll cause a Free Attack from the defender. If the attacker fumbles, he must end his activation and the Free Attack must be resolved immediately afterwards, with the possibility of generating a free attack of its own, and so on.


Additionally, one Special Action (or wild) Dice is added in a different color to each roll by attacker and defender. The Special Action rating on each Character Card is the required result an adventurer must roll on the wild dice to perform a special action during combat. If the attacker rolls the required result during an attack, he must complete the regular attack normally and the special action must be performed and resolved immediately afterwards.


Most monsters and every adventurer have a Defense Rating (DR) which is the required result to hit them. It´s usually represented by two numbers; the first one in parenthesis is the required result with any of the AD to hit; the second is the number of those results the attacker must roll. For example: A target with DR (5) 1 means that the attacker must roll at least one 5 with any of his AD to hit. A DR of ¨--¨ means that no special result is needed therefore every successful hit from the adventurer will damage. A DR with a (*) means the required result on one dice won´t be considered as critical damage. If the DR is not tackled then the attack is considered failed.


After the attacker has rolled his dice the defender (adventurer or monster) makes his roll, using the number of DD provided by the Character Card or Monster Card. The defender must use the Block or Magic Resistance ratings to determine which of his dice actually blocks damage from the (melee or magic) attack.


-Retreat: Any adventurer may retreat from a monster or dragon as an action during his activation. The adventurer must be inside a room or chamber with a monster or dragon in it, and must have attacked the creature in the past activation. The retreating adventurer must roll 3D6; he can retreat from a monster rolling 4-6 on 2 dice, but needs 5-6 on the same 2 dice to retreat from a dragon, if he fails he must terminate his activation and suffer a Free Attack from the creature! The retreating adventurer must observe the Movement rules above and he can´t make another action during the same activation.”


Please feel free to join in and drop some comments. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

 DRnD Project 

Basic Rules V1.0 Released

Posted by RECIVS on August 23, 2013 at 2:00 AM

After a long delay, despite real life adversities and scarce time, I finally publish the first DR&D Project´s release! BasicRulesV1.0 is now ready for download.

It´s evidently a work in progress, I´m aware that there´s still tweaking and testing to do, that´s precisely what we launched this site for in the first place ;)

We´re currently in the process of testing this rules and some other ideas planned to be implemented as Advanced Rules. Updates will be relased as soon as development progresses.

Please feel free to join in and drop some comments, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

DR&D Project