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A Revision of Advanced HeroQuest Reforged V1.7

Posted by RECIVS on December 1, 2019 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (3)

Version 1.7


The whole document has been thoroughly revised and corrected. A detailed list with the updates is included as usual.


After all these years of dedication (some may say obsession) I can say the variant has reached a very decent level of consistency and balance, although some parts may still require more playtesting.


The different game mechanics and elements adapted from other systems and variants are combined with Slev’s rules and our own in order to provide what I believe is a consistent (old-school) dungeon-crawling experience that intends to preserve the essence of Advanced HeroQuest. It also allows purists to simply omit some of the new content for an experience even closer to the original.


Although with V1.7 the core of the variant is now completely defined, I have not even started adding new Campaigns, Equipment, Magic, and Treasure, which would be the next phase of the project. Nevertheless, at this point I can confirm the base system requires no further changes, and those parts I have not yet revamped (but have already worked with) may only need minor compatibility adjustments that do not have an impact on the game itself. In the end, it is an open-ended base system, open to further additions and modifications by other enthusiasts.


I recommend this variant for Reforged players who are looking for an upgrade. While it is obviously not the easiest game to get into, nor do I think it would appeal to someone who does not already like Reforged, it is not that difficult once the player is familiar with Slev's rules. A little patience and dedication may be very well rewarded.


It has been almost five years since I started with this project, which, by the way, took much more time and effort than expected, including the struggle with grammar. It was simply too much work for a single person, but I am not a quitter. I had to make it work as my legacy and tribute to the original game. I am satisfied with the result so far. It ended up being my most immersive experience with a boardgame ever. Perhaps it is time for me to take a break and come back in a year or so with a fresh pair of eyes.

 As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

AHQ-Revamping Squad’s Workshop 

A Revision of Slev's Advanced HeroQuest Reforged

Posted by RECIVS on February 12, 2016 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

AHQ Reforged: Revised & Revamped–as the title suggests–is a set of variant rules for Slev’s Advanced HeroQuest Reforged.

A variant of a variant, implemented as a mod. If I had to describe it in a few words, I would say it is essentially a cross between AHQ Reforged and AHQ Second Edition, with a heavy dose of our own house rules.

The project offers a revised version of Reforged (reimplementing the original AHQ mechanics and fixing the bottleneck issue) coupled with a new character-development system inspired by AHQ Second Edition and Descent, all combined with our modifications and adaptations from the other AHQ variants.

At the core level it retains most of the original game mechanics, so it plays more like Advanced HeroQuest than Reforged does. However, the recent implementations (working cohesively with Slev’s system) provide new options that spice up the experience considerably.

It is designed to be a tactical dungeon crawler, light and uncomplicated but varied and engaging at the same time. It is focused on exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, finding treasures, and developing your character(s) in a challenging environment.

The game requires very few components and short set-up times, so the administration is relatively simple and agile even when controlling the whole party of adventurers. Also, we have not yet found another tabletop dungeon crawler that delivers the same sense of tension and unpredictability while playing solo. If we add all the customization options and (of course) the nostalgia factor, we then have features rarely found together in a dungeon crawler these days.

This is a non-profit effort based on shared work. Our goal is to evolve Advanced HeroQuest to the level it deserves as an exceptional and unique dungeon-crawl system ahead of its time. It is a work in progress, so the purpose of the attached document is to share what we have so far (as an open test version) in order to receive comments that may be useful for its improvement. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


AHQ-Revamping Squad’s Workshop

New Advanced HeroQuest sections

Posted by RECIVS on August 28, 2013 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (2)

We announce the recent creation of a space dedicated to Advanced Heroquest within this website.

You will find the AHQ categories in this Blog, Forvm, Downloads and Photos pages.

I hope they can be of some use.

Yes, we also play AHQ!