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After another seven months I have finally uploaded the latest version of AHQ Reforged: Revised & Revamped. 

Several corrections and tweaks have been made; as usual, a list of updates is included in the attached document. However, I believe the most significant changes are:

--Slev’s bestiaries have been tweaked and expanded. Basically, the Core Characteristics of the Enemies have been increased to match the values allotted in Advanced HeroQuest. The Enemies included in Reforged (with some additions) now have very similar Characteristics to the ones of their counterparts in Advanced HeroQuest, to the point that they may now even be used interchangeably.

--The Number of Enemies Table has been finally replaced; new rules for placing monsters have also been added. The Solo Play engine is finally complete, so Enemies are now generated and placed accordingly, without any decision required from the Player(s). The new table is optional in Multiplayer Games. This tweak was long overdue, as it took me some time to figure a relatively simple way to make it work, considering all the variables involved. It may look complicated at first, but it is actually simpler now: The same four dice are rolled (actually most of the time only 2D12 are rolled) but the Value of Enemies is now fixed for the entire Expedition/Dungeon Level.

--The Core Characteristics of the Heroes have also been increased to match the lower spectrum of the starting values allotted in Advanced HeroQuest. Core Characteristics are not fixed anymore; they may now be partially customized, including Wounds. However, Bravery and Intelligence are intentionally lower than in the original, as they may be now increased through Skills and Feats. Bow Skill also tends to be lower in unspecialized Heroes. 

Reforged is unique among the other AHQ variants in that it offers the weakest starting Heroes and Enemies compared to Advanced HeroQuest; it is also the most restrictive about training Core Characteristics. I believe Slev’s solution works very well at early stages, as it starts moderately difficult at the beginning as it should be. However, in my opinion, it may become monotonous in the long run, as the options for Character development may be rather limited. If Specialization (Skill) is allowed multiple times in order to deal with the training restriction, then the game may also become unbalanced in the long run, as the Enemies (despite their increasing number) remain considerably weak for the rest of the game while the Heroes may become more powerful, even more if this variant is used. 

The game now plays even more like Advanced HeroQuest than before. However, the last tweaks are still being thoroughly play tested, so this time I decided to release an updated version with my latest changes while I keep working on it.

I know it may look daunting and complicated at first, but actually only a few pages of the Core Rules, Example Heroes, and Bestiaries are needed to start playing (if you are familiar with Reforged). Most of the changes come into play after completing a quest. The new rules are mostly straightforward and easy to remember. It is a matter of some dedication and practice that may be very well rewarded.

So far I have revised Slev’s work extensively except Campaigns, Equipment, and Magic, which I intend to leave as they are for now.

I am satisfied with how this project is coming along, much better than expected. Even if this is not your type of variant, some (or all) of the house rules included may nevertheless improve a good game of Advanced HeroQuest. I hope that they could be of some use.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

AHQ-Revamping Squad’s Workshop

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Version 1.55 has been released! (Latest version below)

Several tweaks and corrections have been made. As usual, a list of updates is included in the attached document. Anyway, I believe the most relevant updates are:

--The bestiaries have been tweaked and expanded; Hordes of Chaos, Beastmen, Ogres, and Trolls are now included.

--Enemies with Points Value of 1 are now less powerful than in the past version, as their Characteristics have been slightly adjusted downward. However, the original stronger monsters have been included as optional alternatives, for added difficulty. I have come to realize that relatively strong Enemies with Points Value of 1 (like the ones in Advanced HeroQuest) should be used prudently, as they have the potential of wreaking game balance, especially when they come in groups of six or more.

--The rules for placing Wandering Monsters in passages have been tweaked; the position of the party members in passages is now more relevant.

--Spiders in the Cave! has been added as an introductory quest. It has been designed as a gently preparation for the relentless difficulty of the game, as it may be discouraging for new players. Hopefully, it will be completed easily and quickly, providing the Heroes with additional Equipment, Fate Points, and Gold Coins that will allow even more customization while increasing the chances of survival. As a result of the adjustments made to the bestiaries in the past version, the main issue to deal with has been the excessive difficulty of the first Expedition under the default rules. I believe this quest is an effective and clean solution, as it fixes not only the issue of early dfficulty, but it also balances the game overall and makes it more playable. At the same time, the default system is preserved unaltered, which remains as an option for fearless newcomers.

After more than three years in development the core mechanics finally seem settled and functional. From this point on I do not plan to introduce new rules or more changes other than corrections and adjustments, as I am now more focused on playtesting. However, more Enemies, Heroic Feats, and Skills may be included in the next releases.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

AHQ-Revamping Squad’s Workshop

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