Advanced HeroQuest (BGG) Advanced HeroQuest (BGG) 11/25/2012 It's a 9!...this little trapdoor leads to a F*&^%$# maze! This was the first time I played AHQ. 183934855 11/25/2012 Random dungeon No. 1. 183934854 11/26/2012 183934792 11/26/2012 I like this game 183934793 12/02/2012 183934864 12/30/2012 D&D-GW Replacements: Bloodthirster, Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, Minotaur, Lichemaster, Daemonette, Henchmen, Orcs, Beastmen, Ogres, Troll, etc.. 183934835 12/30/2012 AHQ gaming tools 183934936 12/30/2012 Turn 109C: Heroes are surprised! minis are placed according to the ZOE fix. Itīs GMīs turn.. 183934937 02/01/2014 Stop that rat!...too late :o 204184666 02/01/2014 The Quest Room finally appears...guarded by two Champions and one Warlord! The monsters are surprised, itīs my turn. 204184667 02/02/2014 This is how the 2nd level ended: The team rescuing a Man-At-Arms. Hereīs the precise moment when heīs expressing his appreciation to his rescuers ;) 204184668 02/04/2014 3rd level: The Warlord's Lair 204184669 02/02/2014 Swarming pestilence. 204184670 02/02/2014 Finally! a trap door springs from the magic circle on the floor and the first part of the Shattered Amulet appears. 204184671 02/02/2014 It took me 3 expeditions and exactly 200 turns to complete this quest! 204184672 02/13/2014 Alternate Character Sheet. 204184673 02/13/2014 Example. 204184674 07/05/2015 "Doorway-Exploit" Fix in action. Here the monsters are surprised in a solo game, it's up to the player to enter the room or use the exploit anyway. 204184724 07/05/2015 Fireball! (Slev's V5.0) 204184725 07/05/2015 The flip of the coin: Here the heroes are surprised, they lose their first combat turn so the monsters attack first. This is IMHO how a real ambush actually works. 204184726 07/06/2015* Orcs deserve no honor! 204184727 07/05/2015 With a little help from my friends 204184728 03/08/2016 Barbarians at the gate! 204184729 03/08/2016 Looks like trouble... 204184730 03/23/2016 This one showed up rather quickly...and loaded! 204184731 06/28/2016 Dealing with the undead! 204184732 09/18/2016 Bottleneck fix in action! 204184734 09/18/2016 "Hold the Line!" 204184733 12/26/2016 I hate revolving rooms :( 204184735 12/29/2016 The monsters managed to push through! 204184736 07/10/2017 Watch the rear! 204585829 7/26/2017 Amidst an ambush, Magnus miraculously managed to withdraw himself from four focused death zones, and he is now ready to cast a fireball spell on his confused attackers. I love this game! 204585830 10/11/2017 204228489 29/10/2017 Spiders in the Cave! 204585831 30/10/2017 Quest Room! 204585832 11/11/2017 204992998 3/09/2019 Random encounter 205637745 3/09/2019 Behind the scenes. It's Barbarian's turn. 205637743 3/10/2019 Storming the room after a fireball. Note how the spellcaster is protected by the Henchman after resolving the spell. This tactic is possible only if movement through friendly models is allowed. You can tell it's not regular AHQ. 205637746 3/10/2019 Solo moments. The Character monster escapes in front of their eyes, not without summoning reinforcements! What a game! 205637744 4/3/2019 Enemy reinforcements are coming. Hold the perimeter! 205660811 4/4/2019 Sentry in action 205660812 4/4/2019 Smiling for the camera after wreaking havoc 205660813 11/13/2019 206301161 11/13/2019 206301162 29/12/2019 Throwback Sunday. Note the gaming space taken by the paperwork before I started using the GM Play Sheet. The game's footprint is now smaller and easier to handle. Compare to: 206301163 29/12/2019 This doesn't look like regular AHQ to me... 206301164 29/12/2019 Doorway-Exploit Fix in action 206301165