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Dungeon, Rings & Dragons!

Unofficial PnP Expansion for Dungeon!

Welcome to DR&D Project's website!

Dedicated to the development of DR&D, an unofficial PnP expansion for Dungeon!

Dungeon, Rings & Dragons! may be categorized as a semi-coop or competitive multi-team adventure board game. Its defining elements are adopted from "Calabozo: La Aventura de los Anillos" (Dungeon: The Adventure of the Rings) which is a Mexican version of Dungeon! Perhaps the sole multi-team specimen of its type.

This variant is based on the original gameplay from The Classic Dungeon, borrowing and blending elements from the Mexican "rings and dragons" version, HeroQuest, Advanced HeroQuest and D&D The Fantasy Adventure Board Game, as well as other original novelties.

We´re looking for extra depth and strategy yet keeping things simple and beer/family friendly like in the original. That´s essentially the DR&D Project.

We can highlight the following mechanics:

Team vs Team gameplay. DR&D is designed for 2-8 adventurers and can be played in the old fashioned way or in team vs team action. Each player may control one or multiple adventurers depending on the mode chosen. Players in team vs team action now have to coordinate efforts and manage resources in order to succeed, victory should now rely more on smart resource management and less on luck.

Lots of different monsters. Using the Character Generation system I was able to create a "universe" of 9,324 different candidates as shown in our Downloads section, from which the 107 monsters in the game were chosen. Every one is unique and therefore different from each other. No version of Dungeon! has offered this quantity and variety.

Dungeon levels are for wimps. There´s only one deck of monster cards, which may be combined with additional boss monsters depending on the challenge you´re looking for. You never know what you´ll face next!

Simple yet engaging combat. Fighting between opposing adventurers is possible and often inevitable. Teams will surely have to engage in combat towards the end of the game if they wish to prevail. DR&D uses a basic "dice pool" system for combat resolution, basic tactical advantages are given in the form of combat bonuses and penalties.

Rings & Dragons! Victory conditions are not expressed in the form of amounts of looted treasure, but as a number of rings required. There are six rings randomly scattered among the dungeon chambers, four are required to win. Each ring is guarded by a different dragon inhabiting the corresponding chamber.

Teleportation. Teleport cards are scattered as treasures throughout the dungeon, these allow any player to go wherever he desires except the main hall, discarding the card afterwards. This element surely provides new combat options like peek-a-boo and rear defense maneuvers.

Underworld. When a player dies he goes to the underworld instead of starting again on main hall. Once in the underworld the adventurer needs to be rescued by a teammate or to have an elixir in his possession upon dying, taking one turn to exit.

Advanced DR&D 2.0 has been delayed

This is an independent nonprofit website, so feel free to join in and share your thoughts at will. The site provides a forum and a blog that will hopefully be updated regularly with polls, questions and news regarding development issues, as well as off-topic matters.    I´ll be encouraging the discussion of possible gameplay options as development progresses.


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